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While checking any system (laptop/pc) one of the key features that we are interested in is the processor/CPU. We see laptops with descriptions like below:

Source: Canva Team

Any application needs memory to run. However, computer memory has limited space. So, in order to run applications, it is important that the memory is cleaned once in a while to make space for new data and remove the old unused data.

Who does this cleaning? How & when is the memory cleaned? In fact, how does the memory looks like? Let's dive into details.

Java Memory Model

The Java Memory Model constitutes the following components:

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Many programmers often confuse between Java being Passed By Value or Pass By Reference. If only we could visualize our code, this won’t seem too big a problem.

Let’s start with the basics.

Data is shared between functions by passing parameters. Now, there are 2 ways of passing parameters:

  1. Pass By Value: The pass by value method copies the value of actual parameters. The called function creates its own copy of argument values and then uses them. Since the work is done on a copy, the original parameter does not see the changes.
  2. Pass By Reference: The pass by reference…

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There is no such thing as too much Data. The more data the better. As Clive Humbly rightly said,

Data is the new Oil.

But as data grows, the need to search the precise data becomes increasingly important. Whatsoever we search on the internet, be it a book, a pizza, or a laptop, there are an enormous number of choices available. A customer would be more satisfied if he/she finds what they are looking for with minimal effort. This customer demand let to the birth of Search bar functionality in any application. This need for quickly getting the required data…

Technology is Simple. Any tools that we use today in Industry solves complex problems and intends to do so in the simplest of ways. All computer science buzzwords like caching, queueing, etc are simple ideas that emerge out of creative thinking. Each of these ideas aims to address one fundamental question:

“How can we Optimize further?”

Today we talk about one such technology.

Meet Harry. Harry is a genius of Magic. Harry has three friends Tom, Jerry and Scooby. They all want to learn Magic from Harry. Tom wants to learn magic to organize a magic show. Jerry wants to…


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